Katherine Isbister

November 2010

Lots of exciting things to report from Fall 2010! I gave a keynote at Meaningful Play, which is on Vimeo if you'd like to see it; and was on two panels--one on careers in HCI at the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference, and the other in the NYU Game Center's ongoing Game Studies seminar, which was on using games for research. We also showed Wriggle! at Babycastles, and I gave a talk there as part of the US invasion of the Copenhagen Game Collective.

The lab and our work has also gotten some great press--I weighed in about the pros and cons of the new Kinect for a Kotaku column, and even more exciting was our appearance on the 'front page' of wired.com--an excellent piece about our work on movement mechanics in games and how they create emotional and social effects in players.