Katherine Isbister

March 2011

Spring 2011 was an exciting time! Early in the year, Kill Screen published a fun interview that I did with Tracy John. The lab's work was also mentioned in a piece in Electronic Gaming Monthly by Michael Thomsen about future game tech. In March, we had the official ribbon cutting for the brand new Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly where I'm Research Director. There was a great panel with Frank Lantz, Evan Narcisse, and Chris Cross, and lots of excellent student demos.

I gave two talks at the annual Game Developers Conference--one at the Game User Research summit (about our work last summer with THQ/Kaos doing video streaming of usability) and the other in the Education Summit (about incorporating research into game education). While I was out in the Bay Area, I also gave a Google Tech Talk about my lab's work. Later in the spring, I presented a poster about our work at CHI, a panel on HCI and Game Development, and we ran an instance of Backchatter (a Twitter game created by Local no. 12).